Eddins Learning Conference (#tlap day!)

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April 28, 2016 by treyw97

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I am beyond excited about our student choice conference coming up.  3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers, along with our Specials team and special guests, will present sessions for students to select!  Each student will have the ultimate say on whether your session is worthy of their time or not.  I am pumped to provide this opportunity and grateful to work with a staff that is willing to give it a shot.  May 25th is going to be EPIC!

Eddins Learning Conference!

You offer sessions and 3/4/5 kids pick their schedule

May 25th                  11:30 – 3:00

You decide on what you want to offer.  Something that you are passionate about and enjoy.  Show yourself in a different light to the kiddos.  4th and 5th grade teachers: it’s your chance to introduce yourself to your future kids.  3rd grade teachers: it’s an opportunity to reconnect with some of your old friends.

We’ll send a grade level Google Form for kids to sign up for their sessions.  We can merge their selections into a Google Doc and give it to them the day of the conference.  Teachers will have a master list of students as well for each session.  Each teacher is expected to offer their session 3 out of the 4 offerings.  

Teacher Session Submissions deadline:  Wednesday May 18th 3:30

Student Session Selection via Grade Level Google Form:  Friday May 20th

3rd Grade Session Offerings

Hart – Paper Airplanes

Lauper – Poetry Writing

Franke – Yoga

Weiss – Origami

4th Grade Offerings

Stein: Volleyball (session 1 only)

Stein/Cook-Ninja Warrior (playground and surrounding area) Double Session 3 & 4

Jurovic – Crack the Code and Open the Mystery Box!  (Check out http://www.breakoutedu.com/)

Eckenrode – Zombie Survival

5th Grade Offerings

O’Brien – Session 1 Building Eddins (Legos, KNex, Magnetix), Session 2 Building Eddins (Legos, KNex, Magnetix)Session 3 Chess, and Session 4 Chess

Beavers – Can you KENKEN?  Yes you KENKEN!  Or Non-Newtonian Fluid (depending on cost) Or Particle Acceleration 101 – I have a DonorsChoose up & will build under the park

Sailer – Session 1-MaKeyMaKey, Session 2-Chemical Reactions, Session 3-Solar Energy, and Session 4- Strongest Paper Tower Challenge

Specials Offerings

Coach P and Coach Nill – Basketball Drills/Game

Mrs. Silver –  Rock Crafts/ Rock Art

Mrs. Ringel –

Wright – Coding Sessions 1-3 & Session 4: Eddins Coding Club student-lead learning

Perret – Lego WeDo Kits

Special Guests Offerings

Holly Rogers (AP at Dowell)!! –

Kristin Ellis (AP at Wilmeth) –

Catherine Kelley – Mandalas with Loose parts


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