Eddins Kentucky Derby Hat Team Showdown! #LeadLAP #kidsdeserveit


April 18, 2017 by treyw97

The ponies will run in two short weeks! One of the aspects that makes this event so unique are the hats! Ladies and Gentlemen arrive in headgear to rival the Queen of England.  Not sure how anyone sees the actual race but that’s beside the point! It’s all about the head candy!

Your team has two weeks and a lot of hot glue before this event.  Your challenge is to convert a hat into a Kentucky Derby worthy piece of finery.  We will award a win, place, and show for this competition! Entries are due no later than Cinco de Mayo in the Learning Commons.  Field Day Volunteers and local celebrities will cast votes on their favorites! 

Photos curtesy of Google Images.

Bonus votes for those teams completing these challenges!

  1. Snap a photo of each team member rocking the hat!
  2. Convince Jeremy to wear the hat and take a photo.
  3. Create a “Who Wore It Better” style Google slide show featuring your hat including Trey!
  4. Sport your headgear at various locations around our city!
  5. Convince Dr. McDaniel, Mrs. Woodard, Mr. Hill, or any other central office personnel to rock your hat!
  6. Create a Star Wars themed hat.  May the Fourth be with you!
  7. Create a Cinco de Mayo themed hat.

***No sharing of photos on social media until after votes have been cast!

Get your ponies into the gate and get ready to watch them run!


2 thoughts on “Eddins Kentucky Derby Hat Team Showdown! #LeadLAP #kidsdeserveit

  1. Peggy Perret says:

    Awesome! Sounds like fun!!!


  2. Melani Sailer says:

    The ideas are streaming! I cannot wait to do this! You always have the most AWESOME team/campus building ideas!


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