Eddins Egg Hunt Fun #LeadLAP

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April 13, 2017 by treyw97

March and April are hard months in Texas. Students, teachers, and administrators are knee deep in STAAR testing. It’s stressful no matter how many times you say “it’s one day and one test” and “you are more than a test score”.  Thus you’ve gotta have some fun!  What is more fun than watching adults look for egg hidden in the building!

“Adults need to have fun so children will want to grow up.” Erica Baurmeister  

The egg hunt is quick, cheap, easy, and hours of fun! Most of all it is worth it! 

Here’s 5 easy steps to get you going!

  1. Go buy plastic eggs and some chocolate!  Teachers love chocolate!
  2. Get on Canva.com and design a little certificate.  I use the business card template Magenta Speech Bubble Creative Business Card. Customize your business card with a bitmoji and your categories.  Mine are Jeans, Leave Early, and Starbucks.
  3. Cut them out and put them in the eggs
  4. Hide the eggs.  Make it hard! (We’re 24 hours in and 3 are still out there!)
  5. Tweet about the impending fun! 

*Chocolate is for those who become frustrated with not finding said eggs.

    The rules are simple.  

    1. You can find more than one egg, but you can only keep one egg.  The unwanted egg must be given away. 
    2. There are no hints!

    It has been fun watching the crew search and beg for hints.  Faculty kiddos have been mobilized to assist in the hunt.  There is even a home for the weekend college daughter searching right now. 

    My favorite has been school let out at 3:00 and this tweet happened at 4:13!  Too much fun!  You’ve gotta thave fun together!

    Thanks to Shelley Burgess @burgess_shelley for making me blog again!


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