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February 23, 2016 by treyw97

I had the pleasure of attending the McKinney All Inclusive Playground Expo last night. It was the culminating event for our 4th and 5th grade Gifted and Talented students. They were charged with creating an all-inclusive park specially designed for those with special needs. This topic hits close to home as my school houses several self-contained programs. I supported this endeavor by facilitating an inclusion recess for my GT and special needs students to play together. This allowed for the designers to get to know their who. The designs I saw last night were absolutely amazing. GT students poured over their designs, researched exhaustively, and produced products worthy of awards and proud mamas. The design company will pick and choose different elements for consideration in the official McKinney Park that will be built.  I constantly asked each group which element from their project they hoped would be selected. I expected “This one is the best because I thought it up and designed it.” Instead, I heard countless kiddos share their team members design and idea as the most worthy from their team. I was blown away. What an event and showcase of what kids can do.
My point in all of this (besides sharing the amazing night and project) is as a school leader you show up for these events, all events. Your students deserve an audience. They deserve to have their projects lauded. They deserve to share their blood, sweat, and tears with people who genuinely care about them. They deserve leaders invested in their present and their future.
They deserve for you to show up.
If you would like to help make the McKinney All Inclusive Park a reality please donate at the link below.









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