I Believe in You

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March 7, 2016 by treyw97

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The week before Spring Break coupled with the end of the nine weeks can be a bit stressful. The stress can cloud our preservative and focus on what really matters….kids.  Adults in Education need a gentle reminder from time to time to stop looking at data, standards, and lesson plans and look at kids.

An individual I follow on Twitter shared the amazing tweet below. I would never have seen or heard of this without Twitter. Leverage Twitter if you do not already! How powerful an experience for kids and adults alike. That video (https://goo.gl/UXpMY1) changed me. What better way can you refocus your perspective than telling kids to their face you believe in them.  Not reassuring pats on the backs or the “I see you” looks.  Going to an area away from the hubbub of the classroom and saying it!

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The Eddins Elementary I Believe in You Challenge week was born.  I quickly typed up the email below.  Within 10 minutes the rocket is lit and I get a little giddy.  (Hilariously in my haste to get it going I missed a typo in the Memo Line!  C’est la vie.)  You see I had three days of T-TESS training Challenge week and nothing makes training a little better than notifications from Google Drive that a MOV was shared with you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.16.21 AM

Same day before the Challenge has even begun I get that first email.  It’s two emails actually because Mrs. Lauper is an over achieve and couldn’t pick just ONE student.  I watch the first video and she chose 2 students that really really needed to hear “I Believe In You”!  Magic I say!  Magic!  The idea has legs.

I Believe in You Week didn’t have 100% participations like I hoped, but the videos are priceless.  Teachers emailed about filming more than one student.  The answer is always “Why are you asking me a question you already know the answer to?”  OF COURSE!  Film your entire class one by one!  Pour encouraging words into children and reap the benefits.

On Day 3 of T-TESS training, I received a video from Mrs. Hart’s Class telling me they believed in me!  Telling me I would do great at my training!  A wonderful surprise!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.48.07 AM

This was a week of happy tears.  I’m a big sap on the inside and each video reminded me of why I do what I do.  22 videos were filmed in all by 13 amazing educators.  22 kids walk around this Spring Break knowing their teacher believes in them!  They’ll remember it for a lifetime.

I’m currently working on editing the videos into a montage that will lead off our annual STAAR testing training.

What better time to realign our compasses to TRUE NORTH!



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